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02. Parliamant and horse-cart for a day out.
01. Statue with bears.
The bear is the symbol of Berlin.
Below the flag of the city of Berlin.
This statue was near a shopping street which sell expensive brands.
The german parliament
Inscription: The German People
  Horse and cart,
also for an outing.
The church from a distance, most
of the church destroyed in WW2.
People call the new sidebuildings a pepper and salt box.
Beautiful ceiling of the tower, that is still standing. The cracks, patched up, are clearly visible
03. The Friedrich memorial church
We drove to Berlin by car

A shop specialized in chocolate

The german parliament and Friedrich memorial church, but now made totally out of chocolate. The middle part is still standing. A new bell tower and church were built after WW2.
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The trip
Trip to Berlin (part 2)